Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tool Identification while carving

I bought a couple of 12" and 18" magnetic strips used to hold a set of knives in a kitchen. I think they were $8 or $10 each from Woodworkers Supply. I mounted the long one to the edge of my carving table and one on the inside of the lid of my carving box. When I'm carving next to the table I keep the tips up where I can see them. They snap on and off the strip instantly, are held in place very firmly, and now they don't roll off the table or get jumbled in a pile anymore as I speed carve (LOL). When you get 20 or 30 tools all over the table it gets crazy-frustrating. The strip in the lid is for traveling, shows etc... I use mostly the interchangeable Flexcut tools in my kit. As I carve I can toss them on the strip and even close the lid quickly if needed and not drop them all over the place. As far as marking them, I engraved all the Flexcut tools with the catalog number to identify them. I am a Flexcut dealer and have most all the profiles in the shop. This way a customer can try the tool before they buy and I can instantly identify the number so that they get the right tool off the rack. "Letterset" makes sheets of dry transfer letters and numbers that could be put on the handles. They transfer from the sheet by rubbing with a small stick. You can then cover with a little clear spray etc... They could then be removed later if the tools were going to be sold. I used this technique several years ago before I started using the engraver.